Sometimes I feel invincibleAs if the world exists just for meSometimes I feel bereftMerely a shell, so empty.Sometimes the sun shines too brightAnd I need a sanctuarySometimes I feel loveReaching out to meSometimes the loudness of my thoughtsMeans I can’t hear anythingSometimes there is joyAnd hope and dreamingMostly there is flesh and bloodThat just keepsContinue reading “Sometimes”

Some words about sleep

Our brains need sleep. We all know that. Some of us need more sleep than others, but none of us can survive without it. The internet tells me “The longest recorded time without sleep is approximately 264 hours, or just over 11 consecutive days. Although it’s unclear exactly how long humans can survive without sleep, itContinue reading “Some words about sleep”

The Monday before Christmas

This morning the transit authority, due to operational issues, converted the timetable to a hybrid mix of half-hourly/all stops services.  I am lucky, I don’t work for a clock watcher and I don’t get paid per unit produced…but a lot of people do! So that got me to thinking, and I’ve been blogging long enoughContinue reading “The Monday before Christmas”

Sports related poetry

At a 20/20 cricket match. Full sun, moderate breeze, fighting the urge to do a parody commentary out loud. The cricketThey say there’s nothing quite like it:Standing at the wickethearing the crackof leather on willow.Wasting so much timelitigating a toe over a lineObsessively predicting cloudy or fine…And yet, here I am.Watching humans play whackbatbeginning toContinue reading “Sports related poetry”

Christmas Number 5

A little local flavour today. This one is from the archives, having been written about four years ago. It was inspired by a trip to a very popular pre-Christmas artisan fair: traffic was backed up for blocks; the sun was shining fiercely; and everyone was running our of festive cheer due to the crowds andContinue reading “Christmas Number 5”

Christmas Number 4

This is a poem I adapted to perform last at the farewell for the Wellington Feminist Poetry Club and the dawning of a new age….the launch of the Wellington Feminist Creative Collective. We are rising like splendid Phoenix – dazzling and beautiful. A tinsel messSo this is it:another year of covid,just a few weeks beforeContinue reading “Christmas Number 4”

Christmas Number 3

The poem below was written for a work Christmas function that was cancelled due to unforeseen and non-covid related circumstances. A message from the magical Christmas Tree forest Deep in the ancient forests of an ancient land Festive elves and fairies toil with their hands, And their hearts to create A very special place. TheContinue reading “Christmas Number 3”

Early mornings

Not much of an intro today, more flow of thoughts about mornings. Mornings are not that greatThe early birds, they say, get the wormsBut I don’t want to deal with the wiggle and squirm.Anyway, you can get tablets for that.I imagine sunrise is just a sunset in reverse, so I’d rather stay in bedFor aContinue reading “Early mornings”

Christmas Number 2

Here’s a new one, written today. It is humid and rainy here, quite a grey day. As a resident of the Southern Hemisphere I have not yet experienced a ‘white Christmas’ although almost every festive reference is wintery: Santa in fur-lined boots driving his sleigh through the snow to homes glowing warm with a cracklingContinue reading “Christmas Number 2”