“Always take the weather with you”

This poem was written on Sunday 28 November at approximately 9.05am. I can be that specific because I was on a train to do a segment on Wellington Community Radio that was due to start at 10am. The title of this post comes from a line in the song “Weather with you” by Crowded House.Continue reading ““Always take the weather with you””

Christmas Number 1

It’s definitely the holiday season! I can tell because the urge to wear noise cancelling headphones when shopping always peaks in the first 3 weeks of December. I am sure I’ll post more yule-tide themed poems over the next wee while, here is one fresh from the editing suite: ChristmasThe half finishedembroidery lieswhere it wasContinue reading “Christmas Number 1”

The nature of things

Today’s poem was inspired by people who wander off (eg physically, emotionally, spiritually), becoming lost to those around them. I know that I can live too much in my own head and sometimes wish to retreat to the safety of my nest for extended periods of time. Modern life doesn’t usually accommodate such luxuries, soContinue reading “The nature of things”

Make a stand for animals

There is no poetry today. Instead I am asking you to take a moment to think about the animals of the world. What are their lives like? How well are they treated? What responsibilities do we humand have to ensure they are treated with dignity and kindness? I am an omnivore, no where near vegan.Continue reading “Make a stand for animals”

Chasing the wind

This poem was inspired this morning as I walked along the Wellington waterfront to work. Wellingtonians will understand the power of the wind to move us, figuratively and literally! Holding the windTrying to hold the wind in my handTo stop time:Make solid the ethereal;Give this body ofbone and hopemore permanence in the wild energy ofContinue reading “Chasing the wind”

A good night’s sleep

I don’t always get a good night sleep. I can be too cold, too hot, too awake…or pushed into anatomically impossible positions by two adorable cats that take up a disproportionate amount of blanket real estate. And then, of course, is the sleep itself. I have become a very light sleeper and often have ‘busyContinue reading “A good night’s sleep”

Drinking culture

Tonight I caught up with some friends. We’d called our social time ‘after work drinks’. We went to a nice bar. There were very few nice non-alcohol options and the idea of a “mocktail” really threw them. So much of our social lives revolve around alcohol. But it’s more than that – do your stressContinue reading “Drinking culture”