What is a poet?

That’s a great question! A poet is an artist whose medium is words – the patterns, sounds, rhythms, conventions, and meanings. We paint pictures with our words, convey messages through the following or breaking of the rules and conventions. And like all artists our job is to elicit a reaction. Whether that reaction is toContinue reading “What is a poet?”

Quick fire writing challenge 2

The second exercise at the New Zealand Authors Society Roadshow was a bit more difficult. With a partner, we had to describe a place while the other person drew it. The ability of your partner to replicate the place relied on the description of its features as well as your emotions in relation to it.Continue reading “Quick fire writing challenge 2”

Quick fire writing challenge 1

Today I attended my first New Zealand Authors Society Roadshow. It was great to be amongst a group of people with some similarities and many differences to me. One the workshops I attended was very hands on. One of the exercises involved writing for 5 minutes and then pulling out some term words and phrases.Continue reading “Quick fire writing challenge 1”

Before times, in Paris

In 2016 I travelled to Paris to do something I had never done before….I asked the love of my life to marry me. And she said yes! I popped the question as we cruised under the Bridge of Lovers. It is such a special city – we stayed at the most gorgeous hotel – HotelContinue reading “Before times, in Paris”

Lost in a moment

I love that feeling of looking up to the clock and seeing that hours have passed while I’ve been fully immersed in something. It could the feeling of being in the flow, where minimum effort is required for maximum satisfaction, or that feeling of wild abandon when the outcome doesn’t matter as long as you’reContinue reading “Lost in a moment”

A reflection on Pink Shirt Day 2021

On Friday 21 May I joined many New Zealanders who donned pink t-shirts to show their support for inclusive, respectful and safe schools, workplaces and communities. Pink Shirt Day of course started in Canada in about 2008 and has spread around the world. Over the last couple of weeks I have been thinking about allContinue reading “A reflection on Pink Shirt Day 2021”

Back to earth, back to nature

The whirlwind of the book launch is now beginning to subside. I am back to my daily commute, my day job, sorting laundry and tending to fussy feline family members. The unsold books are in a small box near the door ready for peddling at my next performance (Thursday 10 June). My life is unimaginableContinue reading “Back to earth, back to nature”