La vie numérique

The French language can make almost anything sound romantic and beautiful. Today’s poem was inspired by my working from home experiences of the last 2+ years. The digital lifeSubscribeSubmitSearch Clear settings.Log onLink inLike Factory settings.CookiesClicksCaches Default settings.TikTokTwitterTumblr Universal settings.Delete filesClear historyReboot Digital forgetting.

What happens to old ideas?

Today’s poem is a reflection on some of my best ideas, some of which were shared and others muttered only to myself. Looking back, there will have been thousands of them. Old ideasMy ideas are fallingoff my boneslike rotting flesh.Once beautifully formedthey are nowjust a fetish.Something held longafter I should havelearned to forget.But there theyContinue reading “What happens to old ideas?”


Today’s poetry offering takes an earlier poem and gives an alternative explanation – from the perspective of a moon that managed to break orbit. The original poem is provided and then the rejoinder. Unrequited love To feed an unrequited love Is to be a moon orbiting a planet You are held at a safe distanceContinue reading “Perspectives”

Street wise

Today I am offering more found poetry today. You will probably have already found it on the motorway or your neighbourhood streets. It is the wisdom of street signs! I have often wished that there was a simple guide book for life, one that was as easy to read as road signs. Bu alas, humansContinue reading “Street wise”

What colours are your dreams?

Boy George, in Culture Club’s wonderful song Karma Chameleon, sang of having dreams in ‘red, gold and green’. These days my dreams of freedom and peace are set to colour scheme of yellow and blue. Slava Ukraini! Dream colours The colour of hopes and dreams Writ large as big sky thinking over a wide oceanContinue reading “What colours are your dreams?”

Autumnal moments

Strolling through Aston Norwood Gardens today was lovely, and a tad inspiring! The huge temperature deviations in the Artic and Antarctic are just one more alarm that we seem to want to sleep through. First fallsDappled lightcatches for a seconda golden reminder of the summers we’ve had.Lost on the firststirrings ofcolder airby an oaktoo oldContinue reading “Autumnal moments”

Not fit for publication

Trigger warning: this post and poem deals with child abuse and animal abuse. Please do not read if these topics will cause you distress. Today’s poem is one I submitted for inclusion in a periodic journal of poetry. It was deemed not to be of high enough standard. It’s not the first time I’ve beenContinue reading “Not fit for publication”

Two for the price of one

Today I offer two works, trawled up from the archive. Both involve use of marine related themes! Dropping anchor Until today I never realised how much of my life I had spent running Even when it felt I was standing still. All those wasted years searching for an intangible answer, a clue to a hintContinue reading “Two for the price of one”