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Wasting time?

This is the first time I’ve even opened my blog for quite a few days! Apologies for my absence. The last two years have been weird – I remember the optimism at the beginning of 2020 – when the clock ticked over into another year there was laughing and kisses with loved ones. The startContinue reading “Wasting time?”

Chasing the wind

This poem was inspired this morning as I walked along the Wellington waterfront to work. Wellingtonians will understand the power of the wind to move us, figuratively and literally! Holding the windTrying to hold the wind in my handTo stop time:Make solid the ethereal;Give this body ofbone and hopemore permanence in the wild energy ofContinue reading “Chasing the wind”

A good night’s sleep

I don’t always get a good night sleep. I can be too cold, too hot, too awake…or pushed into anatomically impossible positions by two adorable cats that take up a disproportionate amount of blanket real estate. And then, of course, is the sleep itself. I have become a very light sleeper and often have ‘busyContinue reading “A good night’s sleep”

Drinking culture

Tonight I caught up with some friends. We’d called our social time ‘after work drinks’. We went to a nice bar. There were very few nice non-alcohol options and the idea of a “mocktail” really threw them. So much of our social lives revolve around alcohol. But it’s more than that – do your stressContinue reading “Drinking culture”

Life advice

The world is full of good advice: lean in; win friends and influence people; to thine self be true; work hard and be good to your mother…not all of the glib advice you receive (whether you’ve asked for it or not) is bad. For example, “prevention is better than cure” is excellent advice, more soContinue reading “Life advice”


This week is the last ever Wellington Feminist Poetry Club event due to some complex local issues (none of which reflect on the event’s producer or the pool of local poetry talent). WFPC is where I cut my teeth performing my poetry to a paying audience. At the moment the Wellington poetry scene is inContinue reading “Sentimentality”

A little musing

No introduction to this one, it’s pretty self explanatory, I hope! Speaking easilyWords strung togetherAs a string of flickering party lights, distractingand drawing you in.I mention a Speak EasyI went to onceand you can smell the cigarsmoke hanging in the air.You suddenly feel the urgeto order a Manthattanor perhaps an Old Fashioned.Sequined fabric is pressingintoContinue reading “A little musing”

You become what you say

So, funny story….since I uploaded the poem about writer’s block I have been unable to pick up a pen. Worse than that, the very thought of uploading an old poem filled me with dread. Procrastination, dread and tiredness are conditions that can dig their claws into anyone. Today I finally built up the courage toContinue reading “You become what you say”


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