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Short and sharp

Feeling a bit cynical today…brought on by housework, I’m sure. NumbingFor medicinal purposesto smooth rough surfaces,so that I can fit in the moulds I’ve been soldand not feel the edges cut my skin.

Lunch time musing

It’s coming to the end of my working week. I have been spending a lot of time in front of a screen, so imagine my surprise when I spontaneously wrote this… Computational lifeEnterPasswordUnknown userSystem errorRebootRestartSpark (of life)Blue lightto greenBlinkingUpdate installedChargedEnterOpenFileSaveRenameArchiveCloseFluorescentBlue screenLostRecoveredUnable to duplicateCoding errorHelpDeskBoundRestrictedAccessPermittedCalculateCreateDistributeScheduleReportOn holdProgrammeSettingsNo longer supportedTransferUserLicenseDelete.

Linking poet to reader

Here is a little musing I had after lunch today. It was inspired by thoughts about what happens to a poem after it’s written…who ‘finds’ it, what do they make of it? There are barriers between us-Time and spaceDisconnected bodiesI wonder when you will existang you will question if I ever didWill these shapes runningContinue reading “Linking poet to reader”

Woven together

This year has been difficult. The words that once flooded my day have remained, more often than not, ebbed out far beyond the horizon. But I am trying. And I will keep trying. This poem is one I wrote earlier this year, but at least I am sitting here typing it out. Woven together TheContinue reading “Woven together”

Return of the pen

No doubt you have noticed that I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for the last 6 weeks or so. I needed to take a break, recalibrate some things, and overcome a sudden loss of words. Every time I thought about writing I would feel a tightness in my stomach that overrode my ability to holdContinue reading “Return of the pen”

Shattered light

The human soul is often depicted as a flame. The flickering that creates the light in our eyes and perhaps gives the universe colour. But what happens if the light breaks, distorting the colours and the human? Life Colours Red for the anger That burns like fire. White for the fear You chose to holdContinue reading “Shattered light”

Too worn to smile

I think this poem, written about five days ago is pretty self-explanatory! A study of my face The face in the mirror Is becoming strange to me Not because of the lines that come with age or the wintering of my hair. I can see it in my eyes those cataract glazed lenses seeing lessContinue reading “Too worn to smile”

Flow of consciousness

I wrote this poem last night at approx. 9.55pm. I was on the train coming home from MCing a poetry night. Flows Tied to words that flow in a torrent a flood of ideas sparking off each other sending electrical pulses in all directions riding this storm of thought ebbing and surging the words keepContinue reading “Flow of consciousness”


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