Poetry Boot Camp Day 13: a love poem

A simple three verse poem about the love of my life. Again I can place you there Pottering in the garden of my mind I can turn your face to look at me and see your smile. I can hold that moment, a frozen second, and then allow the mists of other memories to fadeContinue reading “Poetry Boot Camp Day 13: a love poem”

Boot Camp Day 11: Random small musings

Shine like a diamond The way the light is caught So fleetingly By the facets of the cut Creating a rainbow in my imagination Resilient and brilliant. Seeing Seeing a light break over the horizon Feeling a cool change on a hot day Offering a helping hand Doing a small gesture It is by theseContinue reading “Boot Camp Day 11: Random small musings”

Poetry Boot Camp Day 7: Ways of remembering

Today’s offering was written yesterday as I travelled into town to see a friend. The day had started at a very leisurely pace until I realised that to get from Point A to Point B I needed to be leaving for the train 5 minutes ago. Yikes! After arriving just in time to find aContinue reading “Poetry Boot Camp Day 7: Ways of remembering”

Boot Camp Day 4: Nature from another perspective

I am one of the rare people who won’t watch David Attenborough documentaries. It’s not that I have anything against Sir David, I love the sound of his voice, and his obvious passion for the environment. The documentaries are beautifully filmed and scripted. They are works of art. I don’t like watching the realities ofContinue reading “Boot Camp Day 4: Nature from another perspective”

Boot Camp Day 3: The Katherine Effect

This poem was inspired by a sculpture of renown Wellington/New Zealand writer Katherine Mansfiled. The sculpture is located on the corner of Midland Park on Lambton Quay. Katherine was born in Wellington in the late 1800s, the houses where she lived in the suburbs of Thorndon and Eastbourne are local landmarks. Her short stories, poemsContinue reading “Boot Camp Day 3: The Katherine Effect”

Boot Camp Day 2: Untangling knots

I sometimes feel that I spend half my life trying to escape the tangles I’ve created for myself…like setting a huge goal of a poem a day when I’ve managed to make very little time for writing in over a month. Perhaps the application of a little strategic pressure is just what I need. AsContinue reading “Boot Camp Day 2: Untangling knots”

Before times, in Paris

In 2016 I travelled to Paris to do something I had never done before….I asked the love of my life to marry me. And she said yes! I popped the question as we cruised under the Bridge of Lovers. It is such a special city – we stayed at the most gorgeous hotel – HotelContinue reading “Before times, in Paris”

Career Advice

I’ve had a tonne of career advice over the years – be the first one into the office and the last to leave; work hard, do not complain; don’t wear that; just be yourself; stop being so…like yourself, try to fit in; do this course/get that qualification; put yourself forward; don’t be pushy; and… “youContinue reading “Career Advice”