Christmas #6: A Summer Christmas

This poem is about a key part of any Kiwi Christmas – pohutakawa trees in full bloom! They are spectacular, one of many natural treasures beloved by New Zealanders everywhere. Only two more sleeps to go! Pohutukawa You are an explosion of red and green Adorning front doors, greeting cards and nativity scenes StrongContinue reading “Christmas #6: A Summer Christmas”

Christmas Number 5

A little local flavour today. This one is from the archives, having been written about four years ago. It was inspired by a trip to a very popular pre-Christmas artisan fair: traffic was backed up for blocks; the sun was shining fiercely; and everyone was running our of festive cheer due to the crowds andContinue reading “Christmas Number 5”

Christmas Number 4

This is a poem I adapted to perform last at the farewell for the Wellington Feminist Poetry Club and the dawning of a new age….the launch of the Wellington Feminist Creative Collective. We are rising like splendid Phoenix – dazzling and beautiful. A tinsel messSo this is it:another year of covid,just a few weeks beforeContinue reading “Christmas Number 4”

Christmas Number 3

The poem below was written for a work Christmas function that was cancelled due to unforeseen and non-covid related circumstances. A message from the magical Christmas Tree forest Deep in the ancient forests of an ancient land Festive elves and fairies toil with their hands, And their hearts to create A very special place. TheContinue reading “Christmas Number 3”

Christmas Number 2

Here’s a new one, written today. It is humid and rainy here, quite a grey day. As a resident of the Southern Hemisphere I have not yet experienced a ‘white Christmas’ although almost every festive reference is wintery: Santa in fur-lined boots driving his sleigh through the snow to homes glowing warm with a cracklingContinue reading “Christmas Number 2”

Christmas Number 1

It’s definitely the holiday season! I can tell because the urge to wear noise cancelling headphones when shopping always peaks in the first 3 weeks of December. I am sure I’ll post more yule-tide themed poems over the next wee while, here is one fresh from the editing suite: ChristmasThe half finishedembroidery lieswhere it wasContinue reading “Christmas Number 1”