Coal is good for humanity

“The future for coal is bright and it is the responsibility for government to try to ensure that we are there making it easier for everyone wanting to have a go. It is a great day for the world because this mine will keep so many people employed … it will make so many livesContinue reading “Coal is good for humanity”

Autumnal moments

Strolling through Aston Norwood Gardens today was lovely, and a tad inspiring! The huge temperature deviations in the Artic and Antarctic are just one more alarm that we seem to want to sleep through. First fallsDappled lightcatches for a seconda golden reminder of the summers we’ve had.Lost on the firststirrings ofcolder airby an oaktoo oldContinue reading “Autumnal moments”

A short story

A significant break with tradition today. I am posting a short story for the first time. This one was written one day during the summer of 2019/20 when I was languishing in the heat, thinking about impending climate disaster. The story is set in Australia. Why would anyone worship a sun god?  The heat ofContinue reading “A short story”