Friday commute

This poem was written BC (before covid) when I was commuting every day for work on crowded trains and buses. This one was written in the 10 minutes it took me to travel between Petone station and my front gate. One sided conversation I know about your hopes and dreams Heard the fear inContinue reading “Friday commute”

Early mornings

Not much of an intro today, more flow of thoughts about mornings. Mornings are not that greatThe early birds, they say, get the wormsBut I don’t want to deal with the wiggle and squirm.Anyway, you can get tablets for that.I imagine sunrise is just a sunset in reverse, so I’d rather stay in bedFor aContinue reading “Early mornings”

Favourite hobbies: People watching

I love people watching. When I was child I would imagine that everyone I saw was making invisible filament like spiders web as they walked through the world. Each person’s filaments interconnected with everyone else’s – meaning the whole world was connected somehow. Then I would make up stories about who these people were, howContinue reading “Favourite hobbies: People watching”