On hollowness

The way I amMy body is hollowyour voiceechoes, painfully bouncingoff ribs and sinews.I am here and far away,A wisp of memoryLiving in this moment.My body is hollow.Your lightshines, endlessly, aimlessly.Absored by the darkness.The density of spaceIs crushing me from within.A shell of my former self,a barnacle grown fatcarried on the sort of tides that don’tContinue reading “On hollowness”

Rethinking erasure

Usually when one thinks of erasure it means that something or someone is being diminished, perhaps permanently removed. The connotation is that that erasure is bad. Today I decided to take a poem from my archive and try the technique of removing words to create a new piece. This is erasure poetry. You can startContinue reading “Rethinking erasure”