Linking poet to reader

Here is a little musing I had after lunch today. It was inspired by thoughts about what happens to a poem after it’s written…who ‘finds’ it, what do they make of it? There are barriers between us-Time and spaceDisconnected bodiesI wonder when you will existang you will question if I ever didWill these shapes runningContinue reading “Linking poet to reader”

OMG, this is twee!

ButterfliesSometimes when an animal is bornit’s formis essentially what it will become.The caterpillar though is different-it needs to survivelong enoughFor a a change, so difficult.It locks itself awayFor a painful transformationOther creaturesDo not question whyWhen it emerges a butterflySo confident and sureIt’s not hard to seeThat nature is strongestWhen there’s diversity.

Idle thoughts

There is something about the Wellington Harbour that is singing to my soul at the moment. This poem was inspired by my evening train journey home after a day working in the office. I saw an Inter-Islander ferry coming through the mouth of the Harbour, it was if she had called to the fog toContinue reading “Idle thoughts”

History and destiny calling my name?

This is poem #1 of my self-imposed “2 week boot camp”. The aim is to post a poem every day for two weeks! I had a very close relationship with my maternal grandmother, she taught me how to crotchet and how to put food on the table when surprise visitors drop in. Her lavender scentedContinue reading “History and destiny calling my name?”