I really don’t want BDE

Today’s poem is about the weird way that society has managed to gender ‘boss energy’ and charisma…aka Big Dick Energy. It is totally ridiculous and redundant…but reflects how easily the ‘otherness’ of people who don’t fit the arbitrary heteronormative, male-centric standards is created. It is applied to almost every aspect of life and results inContinue reading “I really don’t want BDE”

Living a model life

Tonight’s offering is a cry of frustration about the way women’s bodies are commodified to sell all manner of goods, services and ideas. The gendered violence of the advertising and entertainment industries serves to perpetuate this notion that women should seek the type of femininity that is weak, passive, vulnerable, and perpetually meeting an everContinue reading “Living a model life”

Questions that keep me up at night

So, it’s 1am and I can’t sleep. Rather than toss and turn I decided to get up and work on a phrase that was rattling around my brain. This is very unpolished… Seriously, where do I put that? What do I do with everything I know? Where do I put the specific details of eachContinue reading “Questions that keep me up at night”