The pavlova

Soft peaks roseonly to be covered,weighed down by expectationand a history of disappointments.It’s little wonder we allcrack a little under the pressure.Life’s confection overly relianton a saccharine finishand false compliments to the chef.A temperamental beastthat demands too muchattention at every stageand greedily pushes champagne out of the way.A dessert I care not for but ritualContinue reading “The pavlova”

Poetry Boot Camp Day 9: A poem of convenience

Sometimes all you need is something short and sweet, or small and crunchy. The joys of fast food A disc of soft yielding potato Within the crunch of batter. Could life get any better than a golden, salty, sauce-laden fritter? I put it to you, sir, there is not… Except, perhaps, A piece of cod.Continue reading “Poetry Boot Camp Day 9: A poem of convenience”