Letting go

Primarily today’s poem is a reflection the slow process of losing someone to dementia, for example Alzheimer’s. All the things you remember become tales from a strange land for them: strange, and frightening, tales they don’t want to hear and you don’t want to tell them again. The poem also reveals a fear that lingersContinue reading “Letting go”

Echoes from the past

Memories are like pieces of art – everyone reacts differently to them, seeing meanings that are invisible to others. Perhaps its the angles at which we see things when looking down the corridors of the brain. Maybe that’s the wrong analogy. Perhaps the process is more like old German fairy tales being given the DisneyContinue reading “Echoes from the past”

The nature of things

Today’s poem was inspired by people who wander off (eg physically, emotionally, spiritually), becoming lost to those around them. I know that I can live too much in my own head and sometimes wish to retreat to the safety of my nest for extended periods of time. Modern life doesn’t usually accommodate such luxuries, soContinue reading “The nature of things”


This week is the last ever Wellington Feminist Poetry Club event due to some complex local issues (none of which reflect on the event’s producer or the pool of local poetry talent). WFPC is where I cut my teeth performing my poetry to a paying audience. At the moment the Wellington poetry scene is inContinue reading “Sentimentality”