Echoes from the past

Memories are like pieces of art – everyone reacts differently to them, seeing meanings that are invisible to others. Perhaps its the angles at which we see things when looking down the corridors of the brain. Maybe that’s the wrong analogy. Perhaps the process is more like old German fairy tales being given the DisneyContinue reading “Echoes from the past”

Facing the truths of the past

This poem is my reaction to a New York Times audio series called Project 1619 that I listened to about 2 weeks ago. Episode 1 was about the first group of people stolen from their homelands and brought to North America as slaves. As a white person who is now 6 generations down the lineContinue reading “Facing the truths of the past”

The gifts we are given

This poem was inspired by hearing a kaumātua (respected elder) speak during a work event recently. I was enthralled by the power, passion, aroha (love) and wisdom in her words. And as I listened to this kuia (female elder) I thought about my own grandmother and gifts she gave to the world. KuiaSkin pulled tightContinue reading “The gifts we are given”