On hollowness

The way I amMy body is hollowyour voiceechoes, painfully bouncingoff ribs and sinews.I am here and far away,A wisp of memoryLiving in this moment.My body is hollow.Your lightshines, endlessly, aimlessly.Absored by the darkness.The density of spaceIs crushing me from within.A shell of my former self,a barnacle grown fatcarried on the sort of tides that don’tContinue reading “On hollowness”

The hollowness

I caught a moment of the midday news today. Due to the increasing cost of living and the ongoing impact of covid-19 on segments of the economy, child poverty is rising again. All afternoon I’ve been thinking about what it’s like to be the child who goes to bed hungry, who struggles to concentrate inContinue reading “The hollowness”