Not all men, but most of the songs

It’s been a while since I blogged. A lot has been happening in the world, especially the heroic stand of Ukraine against Putin’s denazification invasion efforts. So my mood is pretty dark. Today’s poem fits into the ‘found poetry’ genre. I have reflected on the songs that play on the radio, in supermarket, at weddingsContinue reading “Not all men, but most of the songs”


Sometimes I feel invincibleAs if the world exists just for meSometimes I feel bereftMerely a shell, so empty.Sometimes the sun shines too brightAnd I need a sanctuarySometimes I feel loveReaching out to meSometimes the loudness of my thoughtsMeans I can’t hear anythingSometimes there is joyAnd hope and dreamingMostly there is flesh and bloodThat just keepsContinue reading “Sometimes”

It happens to everyone…

It is important to know that it does happen to everyone, that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach that things may never go back to the way they were. That the pleasant afternoons of lazing in the sun, words spilling greedily onto the page, are over. Yes, writer’s block happens to us allContinue reading “It happens to everyone…”

Controversial views: Modern dance

The following poem is a reflection on a something that happened with a very good friend about 5 years ago. She had been offered tickets to the opening night of a new dance production. I was super keen until she revealed the dance company name. I knew it would be modern dance and I justContinue reading “Controversial views: Modern dance”

A modern nursery rhyme

This is just a bit of fun, and for anyone who feels that they can never do anything right! Little ArohaLittle Aroha sat on the floor “What are you doing that for?”Little Aroha stood by the door”What are you doing that for?”Little Aroha did her chore?”What are you doing that for?”Little Aroha went to theContinue reading “A modern nursery rhyme”

Journey to the centre of the earth

This poem was inspired by a random news article on the Bing homepage. I didn’t believe the headline so I used Google to do a quick fact check…low and behold…there is a borehole that goes down 12.2 kilometers into the earth’scrust. It’s in Russia. There are links at the bottom of the page if youContinue reading “Journey to the centre of the earth”


Do you ever feel like a visitor, just a wisp of air passing over ancient stone monuments, monuments whose purpose has been lost for centuries? The black sheep amongst a sea of conformity? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ then this poem might be for you! The Curious Tourist I am watching the world Like a touristContinue reading “Curiosity”