Flow of consciousness

I wrote this poem last night at approx. 9.55pm. I was on the train coming home from MCing a poetry night. Flows Tied to words that flow in a torrent a flood of ideas sparking off each other sending electrical pulses in all directions riding this storm of thought ebbing and surging the words keepContinue reading “Flow of consciousness”

Part 2: more musings on a museum

Museum Part II The museum is closed for renovations. Exhibits have been torn apart for storage and future reassembly. No new ideas are being accepted. The notion of dust is rejected. Visitors are not welcome to muse their way through collections. There is to be only the lonely desolation, the emptiness of forced stillness. InkContinue reading “Part 2: more musings on a museum”

Part 1: Musings on a museum

Museum Part I My new words are housed in this ancient museum Dust softly wafts down to stick to ink as it dances across the paper. Immediately redundant and tired they fade further into irrelevance with each passing second. This ancient museum is a place where ideas come to grow lonely. No visitors crowd the corridors it isContinue reading “Part 1: Musings on a museum”

Waking up to good news

Congratulations Australia on surviving a 6 week election campaign in which candidates bulldoze tackled small children; non-one knew what the OCR was (or why it matters); and someone who “doesn’t hold a hose” seemed to be forever donning hard hats and high-vis. There will, of course, who are disappointed that they won’t have the seatsContinue reading “Waking up to good news”


This poem was written a while ago and was hiding out in the archive, waiting for its rediscovery. I was actually looking for a work that contains the phrase “poisoned honey” but it must in another note book pushed further to the back of the cupboard. Anyway, I found this one and read it again.Continue reading “Hardening”

What is ‘survival’

Over the last few weeks I have watching Extant, a TV show starring Halle Berry. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3155320/ It’s got me thinking at a meta scale about species extinction and those that are extant (still surviving). But at a micro level, every individual is surviving in face of challenges both real and imagined. For those who surviveContinue reading “What is ‘survival’”

A critique of the art world

I got to thinking today, (which always leads to trouble of some kind), about the fine arts. You know, the highly perfected & theoretically sound works that are destined for greatness. The reality is that very few people can make a living doing truly unique and imaginative work – most art has to be “commercial”,Continue reading “A critique of the art world”

Broken earth

This poem has been a little while in the writing. The idea for it came from a conversation I had with my friend Kate Creatif in which I mentioned the Australian mining town Broken Hill. https://www.aussietowns.com.au/town/broken-hill-nsw Broken Hill If you drive far enough you will arrive at the Silver City built on eight hundred deathsContinue reading “Broken earth”

Free form Friday

This poem was the product of hearing the first line in my head and then letting it tumble from neuron to notebook. Insights My thoughts are running wild falling over themselves as they trip on hidden punctuation, becoming dunk on self congratulation My emotions are complexities woven into the strata of an archeological dig: objectsContinue reading “Free form Friday”