OMG, this is twee!

ButterfliesSometimes when an animal is bornit’s formis essentially what it will become.The caterpillar though is different-it needs to survivelong enoughFor a a change, so difficult.It locks itself awayFor a painful transformationOther creaturesDo not question whyWhen it emerges a butterflySo confident and sureIt’s not hard to seeThat nature is strongestWhen there’s diversity.

Happy new year and a poem

I have begun a new year tidy up of my home environment to help me transition back to working life after the summer break. What treasures I have found hidden in drawers and boxes untouched for months! So, I will blogging those and new works over the coming weeks. There is advice that we shouldContinue reading “Happy new year and a poem”

Shakespeare and Christmas

The title is pure click bait, I am not delivering a treatise on the Christmassy content of the Elizabethan Bard. Today’s post has none of the nuanced triple meanings of ye olde English. But there is a message of sorts and musing of thoughts. What if Shakespeare was right? Great philosophers ruminated for millennia AndContinue reading “Shakespeare and Christmas”

Some words about sleep

Our brains need sleep. We all know that. Some of us need more sleep than others, but none of us can survive without it. The internet tells me “The longest recorded time without sleep is approximately 264 hours, or just over 11 consecutive days. Although it’s unclear exactly how long humans can survive without sleep, itContinue reading “Some words about sleep”

The Monday before Christmas

This morning the transit authority, due to operational issues, converted the timetable to a hybrid mix of half-hourly/all stops services.  I am lucky, I don’t work for a clock watcher and I don’t get paid per unit produced…but a lot of people do! So that got me to thinking, and I’ve been blogging long enoughContinue reading “The Monday before Christmas”

Christmas Number 3

The poem below was written for a work Christmas function that was cancelled due to unforeseen and non-covid related circumstances. A message from the magical Christmas Tree forest Deep in the ancient forests of an ancient land Festive elves and fairies toil with their hands, And their hearts to create A very special place. TheContinue reading “Christmas Number 3”

(in)visible journeys

This poem is a classic ‘rules based’ rhyming (most of the time) musing I wrote yesterday while waiting for a train. It sort of references ‘overnight success’ (or what I imagine that to be, having not yet had the pleasure of that yet); and, the way that my mind can turn sunshine into impending doomContinue reading “(in)visible journeys”

The nature of things

Today’s poem was inspired by people who wander off (eg physically, emotionally, spiritually), becoming lost to those around them. I know that I can live too much in my own head and sometimes wish to retreat to the safety of my nest for extended periods of time. Modern life doesn’t usually accommodate such luxuries, soContinue reading “The nature of things”

A good night’s sleep

I don’t always get a good night sleep. I can be too cold, too hot, too awake…or pushed into anatomically impossible positions by two adorable cats that take up a disproportionate amount of blanket real estate. And then, of course, is the sleep itself. I have become a very light sleeper and often have ‘busyContinue reading “A good night’s sleep”