I really don’t want BDE

Today’s poem is about the weird way that society has managed to gender ‘boss energy’ and charisma…aka Big Dick Energy. It is totally ridiculous and redundant…but reflects how easily the ‘otherness’ of people who don’t fit the arbitrary heteronormative, male-centric standards is created. It is applied to almost every aspect of life and results inContinue reading “I really don’t want BDE”

From words to action

Today’s poem is dragged from the deep recesses of the archive. It was written on a scrap of paper one evening as I was coming home from work on a rickety old diesel bus. In an epiphany earlier that day I had decided to start looking for another job. I had been employed to doContinue reading “From words to action”

Moments of mist

Today’s poems feature a natural phenomena that I find endlessly fascinating…mist. Forest mist is particularly evocative, I love it the water droplets hang like moments held in suspended animation. Drawing back the mist The mist disperses revealing the battle between my dreams and the monsters that lurk in the day light. This next one isContinue reading “Moments of mist”

La vie numérique

The French language can make almost anything sound romantic and beautiful. Today’s poem was inspired by my working from home experiences of the last 2+ years. The digital lifeSubscribeSubmitSearch Clear settings.Log onLink inLike Factory settings.CookiesClicksCaches Default settings.TikTokTwitterTumblr Universal settings.Delete filesClear historyReboot Digital forgetting.

What happens to old ideas?

Today’s poem is a reflection on some of my best ideas, some of which were shared and others muttered only to myself. Looking back, there will have been thousands of them. Old ideasMy ideas are fallingoff my boneslike rotting flesh.Once beautifully formedthey are nowjust a fetish.Something held longafter I should havelearned to forget.But there theyContinue reading “What happens to old ideas?”


Today’s poetry offering takes an earlier poem and gives an alternative explanation – from the perspective of a moon that managed to break orbit. The original poem is provided and then the rejoinder. Unrequited love To feed an unrequited love Is to be a moon orbiting a planet You are held at a safe distanceContinue reading “Perspectives”

Street wise

Today I am offering more found poetry today. You will probably have already found it on the motorway or your neighbourhood streets. It is the wisdom of street signs! I have often wished that there was a simple guide book for life, one that was as easy to read as road signs. Bu alas, humansContinue reading “Street wise”

Not fit for publication

Trigger warning: this post and poem deals with child abuse and animal abuse. Please do not read if these topics will cause you distress. Today’s poem is one I submitted for inclusion in a periodic journal of poetry. It was deemed not to be of high enough standard. It’s not the first time I’ve beenContinue reading “Not fit for publication”