Supporting freedom

On Sunday 6th of March 2022, I hosted a Quilted Bananas* radio program on Wellington Community Radio 101.1 FM. I dedicated the show to the rainbow communities of Ukraine to recognize and highlight the adverse outcomes they would face if Russia were successful in its invasion. At that time the world was watching Ukraine beginContinue reading “Supporting freedom”

Social Media Challenge- Post 1

As you will have noticed, my inspiration has been running a little dry of late. To push myself into some writing exercises I appealed, via social media, for requests. They could be for a poem in a specific form, about a theme or phrase. Below are the first poems I have written to rise toContinue reading “Social Media Challenge- Post 1”

Axes of learning

Learning the family trade, one swing at a time. That is what was happening at the local wood chopping competition today. The youngest participant was an 11 year old girl with an already impressive technique. Her dad was beaming with pride. It was fun to be part of the ‘city meets country’ crowd at thisContinue reading “Axes of learning”


Today I participated in an online conference focused on advancing workplace diversity, equity and inclusion. The speakers ranged from academics, advocates, business and public sector leaders, and innovators. And there’ll be more again tomorrow. Many of the speakers had a lived experience of being disadvantaged because of the labels that get attached to them. LabelsContinue reading “Origins”

A short story

A significant break with tradition today. I am posting a short story for the first time. This one was written one day during the summer of 2019/20 when I was languishing in the heat, thinking about impending climate disaster. The story is set in Australia. Why would anyone worship a sun god?  The heat ofContinue reading “A short story”

The hollowness

I caught a moment of the midday news today. Due to the increasing cost of living and the ongoing impact of covid-19 on segments of the economy, child poverty is rising again. All afternoon I’ve been thinking about what it’s like to be the child who goes to bed hungry, who struggles to concentrate inContinue reading “The hollowness”

Living a model life

Tonight’s offering is a cry of frustration about the way women’s bodies are commodified to sell all manner of goods, services and ideas. The gendered violence of the advertising and entertainment industries serves to perpetuate this notion that women should seek the type of femininity that is weak, passive, vulnerable, and perpetually meeting an everContinue reading “Living a model life”

Communicating into the abyss

I decided to write a poem as if it were a series of text messages, I couldn’t sleep (again) and it seemed like a good idea at the time. The theme? Imagining I was a 30-something guy texting an ex….it’s poetry, I can take artistic license. IMHO, the final work is gender neutral. The textsContinue reading “Communicating into the abyss”