Quiet moment

A spontaneous poem, with a little rhyme. SilentI try to hold the beatin my mindbut it crumbles, Iam flying blind I try to paint the pictureof a yesterday,blending colours thatquickly fade away In all the chaos, thereis a momentwhen I can be still,be alone and silent.And yet I cannotcommand the beator tell the imageto emergeContinue reading “Quiet moment”

Back to work

So summer break is over and I am heading back into work. If you have thoughts on what inspired today’s poem please leave a comment! Becoming what is expectedThe colour feels cold and wetas I glide it across my eyelidknowing it will set hardto last the coming day.As it dries I will travel througha windowbecomingContinue reading “Back to work”


Sometimes I feel invincibleAs if the world exists just for meSometimes I feel bereftMerely a shell, so empty.Sometimes the sun shines too brightAnd I need a sanctuarySometimes I feel loveReaching out to meSometimes the loudness of my thoughtsMeans I can’t hear anythingSometimes there is joyAnd hope and dreamingMostly there is flesh and bloodThat just keepsContinue reading “Sometimes”

Journey to the centre of the earth

This poem was inspired by a random news article on the Bing homepage. I didn’t believe the headline so I used Google to do a quick fact check…low and behold…there is a borehole that goes down 12.2 kilometers into the earth’scrust. It’s in Russia. There are links at the bottom of the page if youContinue reading “Journey to the centre of the earth”

Onion skins

For those unfamiliar with Australian Rock ‘n Roll, in the 1980s we had a thriving local music scene. There were lots of locally grown stars (as well as those adopted from over the ditch…from New Zealand). One song that sticks in my mind is “Onion Skin” by Boom Crash Opera, in which the notion ofContinue reading “Onion skins”