Quiet moment

A spontaneous poem, with a little rhyme. SilentI try to hold the beatin my mindbut it crumbles, Iam flying blind I try to paint the pictureof a yesterday,blending colours thatquickly fade away In all the chaos, thereis a momentwhen I can be still,be alone and silent.And yet I cannotcommand the beator tell the imageto emergeContinue reading “Quiet moment”

You become what you say

So, funny story….since I uploaded the poem about writer’s block I have been unable to pick up a pen. Worse than that, the very thought of uploading an old poem filled me with dread. Procrastination, dread and tiredness are conditions that can dig their claws into anyone. Today I finally built up the courage toContinue reading “You become what you say”

The road less travelled

It’s been a couple of days since my last post. I have been busy around the house etc. Even in a Level 3 Lockdown there’s plenty on the ‘to do’ list. I am not a huge fan of country (or western) music, I think having grown up in a rural area I filled my lifetimeContinue reading “The road less travelled”

Three stories in one

I was drinking a cup of green tea this afternoon, looking out to the back yard. The winter sky was clear and blue, and the following poem percolated. It is three vignettes of life woven into a single piece. The missing The winter sky is blue Nothing left to say Everything used to be certainContinue reading “Three stories in one”