This poem was written a while ago and was hiding out in the archive, waiting for its rediscovery. I was actually looking for a work that contains the phrase “poisoned honey” but it must in another note book pushed further to the back of the cupboard. Anyway, I found this one and read it again.Continue reading “Hardening”

Time can wait

I want this moment to freezeso that I can hold youa moment longerand not let go.The second hand can stopto let the hour stretch on.This linear time universe we are is cursed as it hurtles us towardsa lonely infinity.An eternal voiddevoid of the lightin your eyesThat sparkles like stars.I want time to waitso that IContinue reading “Time can wait”

Echoes from the past

Memories are like pieces of art – everyone reacts differently to them, seeing meanings that are invisible to others. Perhaps its the angles at which we see things when looking down the corridors of the brain. Maybe that’s the wrong analogy. Perhaps the process is more like old German fairy tales being given the DisneyContinue reading “Echoes from the past”

Christmas Number 1

It’s definitely the holiday season! I can tell because the urge to wear noise cancelling headphones when shopping always peaks in the first 3 weeks of December. I am sure I’ll post more yule-tide themed poems over the next wee while, here is one fresh from the editing suite: ChristmasThe half finishedembroidery lieswhere it wasContinue reading “Christmas Number 1”