How do you say goodbye?

I attended a farewell for an industry leader this week, I shall call her Ms X for privacy reasons. Her knowledge is technically accurate and her vision is focused on strategic and systemic change. But it is not for these reasons that she will be missed. Ms X is one of the passionate professionals I’veContinue reading “How do you say goodbye?”

Moments of mist

Today’s poems feature a natural phenomena that I find endlessly fascinating…mist. Forest mist is particularly evocative, I love it the water droplets hang like moments held in suspended animation. Drawing back the mist The mist disperses revealing the battle between my dreams and the monsters that lurk in the day light. This next one isContinue reading “Moments of mist”

Unattended life administration

This poem is about the secret inner lives of the people we know well. Those hidden aspects that, because of shame, loneliness, fear or anger, people keep to themselves their unfinished life administration tasks. Dripping tapsDo you have a dripping tap?Something that needs attention,resolution, must be done?Is it on the ‘to do list’or implied inContinue reading “Unattended life administration”

Time can wait

I want this moment to freezeso that I can hold youa moment longerand not let go.The second hand can stopto let the hour stretch on.This linear time universe we are is cursed as it hurtles us towardsa lonely infinity.An eternal voiddevoid of the lightin your eyesThat sparkles like stars.I want time to waitso that IContinue reading “Time can wait”

On hollowness

The way I amMy body is hollowyour voiceechoes, painfully bouncingoff ribs and sinews.I am here and far away,A wisp of memoryLiving in this moment.My body is hollow.Your lightshines, endlessly, aimlessly.Absored by the darkness.The density of spaceIs crushing me from within.A shell of my former self,a barnacle grown fatcarried on the sort of tides that don’tContinue reading “On hollowness”

Axes of learning

Learning the family trade, one swing at a time. That is what was happening at the local wood chopping competition today. The youngest participant was an 11 year old girl with an already impressive technique. Her dad was beaming with pride. It was fun to be part of the ‘city meets country’ crowd at thisContinue reading “Axes of learning”

Poetry exercise: the broken fence

Today I wanted to write a poem but there was not a single word or phrase to form even the tiniest spark. So rather than put down my pen, I decided to find an image that triggered my interest. The image I found was a photograph looking down at CBD/downtown area taken from a vantageContinue reading “Poetry exercise: the broken fence”