Three stories in one

I was drinking a cup of green tea this afternoon, looking out to the back yard. The winter sky was clear and blue, and the following poem percolated. It is three vignettes of life woven into a single piece. The missing The winter sky is blue Nothing left to say Everything used to be certainContinue reading “Three stories in one”

Boot Camp Day 11: Random small musings

Shine like a diamond The way the light is caught So fleetingly By the facets of the cut Creating a rainbow in my imagination Resilient and brilliant. Seeing Seeing a light break over the horizon Feeling a cool change on a hot day Offering a helping hand Doing a small gesture It is by theseContinue reading “Boot Camp Day 11: Random small musings”

Boot Camp Day 2: Untangling knots

I sometimes feel that I spend half my life trying to escape the tangles I’ve created for myself…like setting a huge goal of a poem a day when I’ve managed to make very little time for writing in over a month. Perhaps the application of a little strategic pressure is just what I need. AsContinue reading “Boot Camp Day 2: Untangling knots”

Lost in a moment

I love that feeling of looking up to the clock and seeing that hours have passed while I’ve been fully immersed in something. It could the feeling of being in the flow, where minimum effort is required for maximum satisfaction, or that feeling of wild abandon when the outcome doesn’t matter as long as you’reContinue reading “Lost in a moment”