Poetry Boot Camp Day 14: Finale

What a journey across rhyme, verse and stanza! For my last boot camp offering, I have a somewhat twee exploration of the notion of freedom, and how the yearning for it survives. It is dedicated to all the people fighting for their freedom right now and to those surviving on the hope that their children’sContinue reading “Poetry Boot Camp Day 14: Finale”

Poetry Boot Camp Day 13: a love poem

A simple three verse poem about the love of my life. Again I can place you there Pottering in the garden of my mind I can turn your face to look at me and see your smile. I can hold that moment, a frozen second, and then allow the mists of other memories to fadeContinue reading “Poetry Boot Camp Day 13: a love poem”

Boot Camp Day 11: Random small musings

Shine like a diamond The way the light is caught So fleetingly By the facets of the cut Creating a rainbow in my imagination Resilient and brilliant. Seeing Seeing a light break over the horizon Feeling a cool change on a hot day Offering a helping hand Doing a small gesture It is by theseContinue reading “Boot Camp Day 11: Random small musings”

Boot Camp Day 10: Found poetry

Found poetry is a form that uses an existing body of text as source material for words, phrases or themes and then organises them into a new piece of work. To avoid plagiarism, the onus is on the poet to create a unique new work and to cite the source. In this instance I haveContinue reading “Boot Camp Day 10: Found poetry”

Poetry Boot Camp Day 9: A poem of convenience

Sometimes all you need is something short and sweet, or small and crunchy. The joys of fast food A disc of soft yielding potato Within the crunch of batter. Could life get any better than a golden, salty, sauce-laden fritter? I put it to you, sir, there is not… Except, perhaps, A piece of cod.Continue reading “Poetry Boot Camp Day 9: A poem of convenience”

Poetry Boot Camp Day 7: Ways of remembering

Today’s offering was written yesterday as I travelled into town to see a friend. The day had started at a very leisurely pace until I realised that to get from Point A to Point B I needed to be leaving for the train 5 minutes ago. Yikes! After arriving just in time to find aContinue reading “Poetry Boot Camp Day 7: Ways of remembering”

Boot Camp Day 5: Renovation realities

There is a situation in New Zealand that has been described as a ‘housing crisis’. We haven’t been building enough houses to keep up with demand (driving up property prices) and what we do have is of poor quality (people pay a lot of money to live in cold, damp housing). When buying a houseContinue reading “Boot Camp Day 5: Renovation realities”