Career experiences

This poem started as a short piece of prose that was sitting in the archive for quite a while gathering dust. I find myself in a completely different context now, I work in an environment where new ideas are welcomed and initiative rewarded. My unsolicited career advice for you would be – if you aren’tContinue reading “Career experiences”


This poem was inspired by my regular commuter trips into Wellington. Wellington Station is quite beautiful, and becomes a hub of activity at peak times when people are filing into the express supermarket, in line for ticket purchases, wanting to register items at the lost and found desk, and generally rushing to get to workContinue reading “Loneliness”

Who owns beauty?

I have a number of roses in my garden that flower despite the amateur level of care I provide. They are mostly older varieties that have been here since the sixties. Many are richly perfumed and have the most amazingly full bloom. But that’s not what this poem is really about. English rose The beautyContinue reading “Who owns beauty?”

Waking up to good news

Congratulations Australia on surviving a 6 week election campaign in which candidates bulldoze tackled small children; non-one knew what the OCR was (or why it matters); and someone who “doesn’t hold a hose” seemed to be forever donning hard hats and high-vis. There will, of course, who are disappointed that they won’t have the seatsContinue reading “Waking up to good news”

Letting go

Primarily today’s poem is a reflection the slow process of losing someone to dementia, for example Alzheimer’s. All the things you remember become tales from a strange land for them: strange, and frightening, tales they don’t want to hear and you don’t want to tell them again. The poem also reveals a fear that lingersContinue reading “Letting go”

Poetry about sport

We are approaching rugby union season in those Southern Hemisphere countries that partake in this particular form of sport. The Black Ferns, New Zealand Women’s side, has had remarkable success winning five of the past six World Cups. The male team, the All Blacks, are an ok side too. I wrote these poems while watchingContinue reading “Poetry about sport”

Not quite, but close enough

I haven’t found my poisoned honey poem yet – it was in a set list from early last year I think. It will turn up, I hope. In the meantime I thought I might write some new material based on some of my favourite phrases. A haiku Golden words drip from your mouth like poisonedContinue reading “Not quite, but close enough”


This poem was written a while ago and was hiding out in the archive, waiting for its rediscovery. I was actually looking for a work that contains the phrase “poisoned honey” but it must in another note book pushed further to the back of the cupboard. Anyway, I found this one and read it again.Continue reading “Hardening”