Poetry about forests, rivers, life, the universe and everything.

I have used my phone for this blog post, I will try to fix up the formatting tonight. In the meantime, hopefully the forests speak to you. Three rivers and their forests Daintree World Heritage Site On that summers’ day it was dark and hot Where the river ran wild Crystal clear water tumbling PowerfullyContinue reading “Poetry about forests, rivers, life, the universe and everything.”

Eclogue: remembering rural life

An eclogue is a poem that explores rural life, usually via a dialogue between shepherds. The tone is usually very sympathetic to said rural life (as opposed to the corruption of urban/city life). If you have read some of my other work you will know that I struggle with optimism, my natural tendency is aContinue reading “Eclogue: remembering rural life”

Poetry Boot Camp Day 13: a love poem

A simple three verse poem about the love of my life. Again I can place you there Pottering in the garden of my mind I can turn your face to look at me and see your smile. I can hold that moment, a frozen second, and then allow the mists of other memories to fadeContinue reading “Poetry Boot Camp Day 13: a love poem”

Poetry Boot Camp Day 7: Ways of remembering

Today’s offering was written yesterday as I travelled into town to see a friend. The day had started at a very leisurely pace until I realised that to get from Point A to Point B I needed to be leaving for the train 5 minutes ago. Yikes! After arriving just in time to find aContinue reading “Poetry Boot Camp Day 7: Ways of remembering”