Quiet moment

A spontaneous poem, with a little rhyme. SilentI try to hold the beatin my mindbut it crumbles, Iam flying blind I try to paint the pictureof a yesterday,blending colours thatquickly fade away In all the chaos, thereis a momentwhen I can be still,be alone and silent.And yet I cannotcommand the beator tell the imageto emergeContinue reading “Quiet moment”

Expecting spring, remembering autumn

It is almost the official start of spring in the southern hemisphere. For most people, the scent of daphne flowers, pops of daffodil yellow and lengthening days are welcome heralds. I may have mentioned this before, my favourite season is winter. By my logic, that makes autumn (fall) my second favourite. SearchingA million leaves lieContinue reading “Expecting spring, remembering autumn”