Living a model life

Tonight’s offering is a cry of frustration about the way women’s bodies are commodified to sell all manner of goods, services and ideas. The gendered violence of the advertising and entertainment industries serves to perpetuate this notion that women should seek the type of femininity that is weak, passive, vulnerable, and perpetually meeting an everContinue reading “Living a model life”

Back to work

So summer break is over and I am heading back into work. If you have thoughts on what inspired today’s poem please leave a comment! Becoming what is expectedThe colour feels cold and wetas I glide it across my eyelidknowing it will set hardto last the coming day.As it dries I will travel througha windowbecomingContinue reading “Back to work”

Christmas Number 4

This is a poem I adapted to perform last at the farewell for the Wellington Feminist Poetry Club and the dawning of a new age….the launch of the Wellington Feminist Creative Collective. We are rising like splendid Phoenix – dazzling and beautiful. A tinsel messSo this is it:another year of covid,just a few weeks beforeContinue reading “Christmas Number 4”

Quick fire writing challenge 1

Today I attended my first New Zealand Authors Society Roadshow. It was great to be amongst a group of people with some similarities and many differences to me. One the workshops I attended was very hands on. One of the exercises involved writing for 5 minutes and then pulling out some term words and phrases.Continue reading “Quick fire writing challenge 1”