Two for the price of one

Today I offer two works, trawled up from the archive. Both involve use of marine related themes! Dropping anchor Until today I never realised how much of my life I had spent running Even when it felt I was standing still. All those wasted years searching for an intangible answer, a clue to a hintContinue reading “Two for the price of one”

Today’s weather report

Wellingtonians love a good chat about the weather – how long the winter is lasting, how short the summer was, how unseasonably hot/cold/dry/rainy it’s been, and of course any observation about the state of the air currents (aka wind) is always topic de jour. Weather is definitely a safer topic than politics, sport, religion, etc.Continue reading “Today’s weather report”

Idle thoughts

There is something about the Wellington Harbour that is singing to my soul at the moment. This poem was inspired by my evening train journey home after a day working in the office. I saw an Inter-Islander ferry coming through the mouth of the Harbour, it was if she had called to the fog toContinue reading “Idle thoughts”

Harbour commute

This morning was foggy and grey. My train journey to work inspired the poem below. Harbour in shades of grey The fog had rolled in as the night rolled on When we emerged from our sleep we found Hills shrouded in mystery And a Harbour daring not to breathe Everything felt suspended in time thatContinue reading “Harbour commute”

Secret loves

According to mafia/crime boss movies, it’s a natural part of married life to have a mistress. She the exciting one who makes you feel alive, your wife is the paragon of virtue and loving mother to the next generation, who perhaps doesn’t understand the real you. I have a mistress, and this is the poemContinue reading “Secret loves”