Angele Toomey Poetry

Kia ora, welcome

Thank you for finding my webpage amongst a cacophony of options. I am a Wellington based poet with things to say and words to write. Not every work is darkly gothic – there are moments when the sun manages to shine through. Recently I have been experimenting with different forms as well as my usual ‘flow of consciousness’ technique.

I hope you enjoy reading my musings as well as the stories behind my writing.

Copies of Harbour may be purchased from Made Marion Crafts, 166 Cuba Street Wellington

My most recent segment on Quilted Bananas radio programme was on Sunday 16 January 2022. You can find it and my previous segments (6 June 2021 and 7 November 2021) here: QUILTED BANANAS Radio (, just scroll to the relevant date. You can tune into Wellington Community Access Radio on 106.1FM.