About Harbour

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels.com

Harbour is organised into four chapters reflecting the seasons of the harbour and of our lives. When the sun is shining and hearts are filled with the warmth of new love there is little desire to remember dark and icy nights. But love comes with loss and gales give way to stillness. You cannot have spring without the autumn nor earn summer’s warmth without winter.

A collection of poems inspired by the many meanings and experiences of the word ‘harbour’.

Reflections on Wellington Harbour

Wellington Harbour, the geographic reality that shapes the identity and experiences of Wellingtonians. It is the place we call home. It casts an enduring influence our moods and provides the backdrop to many of our most precious memories, it is the heart of our city.

Delving into deeper meanings

Other poems give expression to Angele’s intellectual curiosity with the word ‘harbour’ and the multi-layered meanings it can have. As we know, Wellington Harbour is not always benign. One only needs to recall the Wahine disaster to know that the seeking of safe harbour, can be traitorous. There are mysteries about what lurks beneath the calm façade that no-one seems overly motivated to solve.

Harbour can be purchased at Made Marion Craft, 166 Cuba Street, Wellington or via the contact form.

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