The calm after the storm

I wrote this poem on my phone (there was not even a scrap of paper in my handbag, and I call myself a poet!) and uploaded whilst still on the train. I have just come back into the post to add some context! For those of you outside of New Zealand, we’ve just had a week of wild weather – very heavy rain, a blast from Antarctica, very heavy seas and thunder storms. And then it was gone. The clouds dissipated to reveal a soft blue sky and the harbour calmed. And from my seat on the train I was able to look out over the harbour, as these words came to me…

Having finally cried itself to sleep
The storm has receded to higher altitudes
Leaving gentler tides to carry yesterdays hail and sorrows
Further out to sea.
Grey green waters of the harbour roll in waves that mirror
The mountains, white caps still just visible.
These waves ply their trade on the weary rocks
And tree limbs that lay now twisted on the shore.
Branches and trunks that won’t carry this last chapter in the rings of their bones
But I will remember them
In the moments between lightening and the thunder clap
And I will feel the roughness of their bark rub on my skin
When the final goodbye is said.

Photo by Adhitya Andanu on

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