History never repeats? Hmm

I have been experimenting with form and themes lately. And repetition is something that has sparked my imagination. Using it to drum home a rhythm or focus on a sound has been a bit of fun. Below is a short work I banged out on a train trip into town a week or so ago, as I saw everyone head down immersed in softly glowing screens, all watching the same TikTok vids or reading the same news app. Sitting in exactly the same pose as the day before and the day before that.



Repetition nation 


On every station 

Wearing thin 

Meaning nothing 


Repetition nation 

In every dimension 


Sold as fashion 

A worn thin 

Scant covering 


Repetition nation 

Revelling in diversion 


So you don’t question 


Repetition sinking in. 

Photo by Sascha Hormel on Pexels.com

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