Not fit for publication

Trigger warning: this post and poem deals with child abuse and animal abuse. Please do not read if these topics will cause you distress. Today’s poem is one I submitted for inclusion in a periodic journal of poetry. It was deemed not to be of high enough standard. It’s not the first time I’ve beenContinue reading “Not fit for publication”

Not all men, but most of the songs

It’s been a while since I blogged. A lot has been happening in the world, especially the heroic stand of Ukraine against Putin’s denazification invasion efforts. So my mood is pretty dark. Today’s poem fits into the ‘found poetry’ genre. I have reflected on the songs that play on the radio, in supermarket, at weddingsContinue reading “Not all men, but most of the songs”


If you have read 3 or 4 of my poems before you will know that I often reference particular muses or inspirations. One of the common sources of inspiration is nature, another is love (in its many iterations). Today’s offering was inspired by my Number 1 muse, my wife. So yes, this is an apologeticContinue reading “Understanding”

Rethinking erasure

Usually when one thinks of erasure it means that something or someone is being diminished, perhaps permanently removed. The connotation is that that erasure is bad. Today I decided to take a poem from my archive and try the technique of removing words to create a new piece. This is erasure poetry. You can startContinue reading “Rethinking erasure”