Where is the book?

That is a great question. It is on it’s way. I am waiting for the delivery any day now.

In the meantime I have been writing new material, and challenging myself to be more deliberative and conscious of form and structure. This is quite different to my usual style, which would be best described as a ‘flow of consciousness’.

So, below I offer a recent work, It is an exploration of how a minimalist approach to word count and repetition might be able to present a coherent story.

These Three Words

People say they love you, right?

Love you right, they want you.

They want you smiling and perfect,

Smiling and perfect, hiding your imperfections.

Hiding your imperfections so they cannot

So they cannot be thrown back

Be thrown back to hurt, reduce.

To hurt, reduce – is that love?

Is that love? They cannot understand,

They cannot understand who you are

Who you are in the quietness.

In the quietness, your inner thoughts

Your inner thoughts, worth much more.

Worth much more- I do know.

I do know how to escape

How to escape that gilded cage.

That gilded cage cannot contain you.

Cannot contain you, if you choose.

If you choose to walk away,

To walk away, come with me.

Come with me.

Photo by Jackson David on Pexels.com

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