Book Launch Extravaganza

To be honest, I had always seen myself writing. One day. One day when I had more time. One day when things calmer. One day when I had something important to say. Then a day came when someone inspired to put pen to paper for them. They are very precious and special to me, and with their encouragement I realised I couldn’t push everything into the golden imagined ‘perfect’ time to write. As it turns out, my morning train ride into work is often when thoughts percolate to the surface.

Even before COVID-19, and our lockdowns, the idea of creating a book was taking shape. There were notebooks full of my scratchy writing and threads of themes lying all over the house. Creating a central repository for them had been an opportunity to imagine the possibilities. Lockdown gave me a precious time, safe at home, to create the space needed to really knuckle down. And today, the fruits of my labour will be officially launched.

I have been supported by a wonderful crew – Maryanne (#1 proof reader); Mathew Wilson at for design and typesetting; and BookPrint, my New Zealand based printer.

It has been observed that I seem to have trouble celebrating success. This is probably true as my default settings include a highly calibrated risk radar, even when the going is good I can’t just immerse myself in the enjoyment of it. But today I want to break that habit. I want to throw caution to the wind. If you are in Wellington it would be lovely to see you at the launch event at BATS, 6.30pm.

Taking the win 

Fingers fidget again and palms are clammy 

The ground under my feet feels unsteady. 

I remember a dreamy night at the foothills of Te Urewera, 

Giants reached down, lifted me up so I could learn and hear 

Powerful messages from ancient times 

Captured in the mists and storylines. 

And now I stand on the shoulders of other giants 

Fully awake for this next moment. 

The horizon has never felt so far and wide 

Friends providing the waiata and you at my side. 

I want to allow my feet to find their grip, to sink in 

This one time I want to take the win. 

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