Before times, in Paris

In 2016 I travelled to Paris to do something I had never done before….I asked the love of my life to marry me. And she said yes! I popped the question as we cruised under the Bridge of Lovers.

It is such a special city – we stayed at the most gorgeous hotel – Hotel Gustave Paris – Guest Reservations and found the most delightful bistro hidden away from the madding crowds at Notre Dame.

Today I am feeling nostalgic and a little hemmed in – yearning for those ‘before times’ when one could take the fly to the other side of the world, take the Eurostar from London to Paris, and our passports weren’t just dust collectors.

Recollections of Paris 

Walked in the wrong direction 

to find ourselves in the right location. 


Overpriced reheated salmon 

Crowded trains 

Desperate trinket sellers. 

And the romance 

the history. 

The grandeur of an old world 

reaching out to remind us   

to dream in colour  

and live with passion. 


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