Poetry Boot Camp Day 7: Ways of remembering

Today’s offering was written yesterday as I travelled into town to see a friend. The day had started at a very leisurely pace until I realised that to get from Point A to Point B I needed to be leaving for the train 5 minutes ago. Yikes!

After arriving just in time to find a seat and catching my breath, the brain decided to think. I was remembering a certain type of older woman I’d encountered in my growing up years and then later in my working life. They were the ones who wore jewelry gifted to them to mark milestones like 18th birthdays, engagements, first wedding anniversaries, the arrival of the first child and second and third…each finger full to the first knuckle. And from these memories came Adornments.

Adornments worn until they become   
Part of you.   
Choices made by others leaving their mark   
as skin weakens under the weight of promises made;   
the sins you forgave;    
the babies welcomed;   
and the lives that never had time to become.   
Banded and bound around your fingers   
They ensure your memories linger.
Photo by Annie Wagstaff 2021

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