Do you ever feel like a visitor, just a wisp of air passing over ancient stone monuments, monuments whose purpose has been lost for centuries? The black sheep amongst a sea of conformity? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ then this poem might be for you!

The Curious Tourist

I am watching the world

Like a tourist

Taking photographs with my mind

With a slight interest

Hearing words and reading signs

Just being curious.

The world is an alien place

I don’t belong here

I am not in step with the beat

Either too far or too near

To fully understand any of it

Or hold anything dear.

Human are herd animals

Or so they say

We are supposed to find peace in community

Perhaps some future day

Relationships that connect and bind

Will come our way.

Until then, I will walk as a tourist

Watching out of interest

What comes to pass

As I stay curious.

Photo by Kaique Rocha on

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