Saying a lot about small things

Late at night, when the house is quiet and the cats have finally curled up for peaceful sleep, I can lie awake for hours with my mind racing from one elaborate scheme to another. Turning off a busy brain is not always as easy as just closing my eyes.

Being about the quieten the noise and find a singular focus is something that poetry can help with. I can’t throw all my favourite words into a piece with the expectation that I will create something coherent. The exploration of different poetry forms, which is filling my blog of late, has taught me that sometimes you can say a lot about a little topic, and with very few words!

Today I am serving a Snam Suad, an Irish poetry form with a rich history. It seems quite fitting given most of my family tree is populated by Irish branches!

A Grandmother's Patience
For baby:
"Go to sleep",
Drifting off
To dreamscapes:
Soft, gentle.
Photo by William Fortunato on

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