Unplanned supplemental

Good morning/good evening everyone. I was pushing my pen around a scrap of paper this morning while finishing my coffee when I started to do a silly exercise using four word statements….and the results are in:

Good enough is good enough
Let go of perfection
Perfection let go of
Of perfection let go
Go of perfection let
Let go of perfection.

Resistance is all you have
Defeat is not surrender
Surrender defeat is not
Not surrender defeat is
Is not surrender defeat
Defeat is not surrender.

Fake news
Lies are not truths
Truths lies are not
not truths lies are
Are not truths lies
Lies are not truths.

Escaping co-dependency
I am you are
Are I am you
You are I am
Am you are I
I am you are.

Say that again
Repetition is a crime
Crime repetition is a
A crime repetition is
Is a crime repetition
Repetition is a crime.
Photo by lilartsy on Pexels.com

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