The road less travelled

It’s been a couple of days since my last post. I have been busy around the house etc. Even in a Level 3 Lockdown there’s plenty on the ‘to do’ list.

I am not a huge fan of country (or western) music, I think having grown up in a rural area I filled my lifetime quota pretty early in life. But there are some nostalgic songs that sit with me for example: Looking forward, looking back, first recorded by Slim Dusty, Written by Don Walker)

Travelling the lonely roads less travelled gives you plenty of time to be alone with your thoughts, to dredge up memories better left undisturbed as well as replay treasured last conversations. To me, C&W music captures the sentiments of loss, yearning and remembering with a power that must originate in the crackling of an open fire under the expanse night sky you can only experience when you are miles from nowhere.

On that theme, I wrote the following this morning. More song lyrics than poetry per se.

Heartbreak's door
Forty-eight hours until it's Saturday
One more bottle 'til the pain goes away
Three words I can never say
To make you come back my way.

I am at heartbreak's door
Banging, begging for more
I am at heartbreak's door
What I am doing that for?

Seventy-two hours until it's Sunday
I'll be kneeling, to God I'll pray
But I can't bring myself to say
Words you won't hear anyway.

I am at heartbreak's door
Hoping to even the score
I am at heartbreak's door
Not gonna do that anymore.
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