Something for the weekend

You may have noticed from previous posts that I was born in Australia and have a thing for early 1980s Aussie pub rock…and the lyrical stylings of Australia’s best songwriter, Mr Don Walker. The poem below was written about two years ago. At the time I was compiling a playlist for a Cold Chisel ‘listening session’ to introduce my New Zealand friends to the music I love so much. Mr Walker’s official website is: and the official band site is:

In fact, I think I will crank up the stereo today!

It moves me 
My kidneys feel the beat 
As I dance wildly in the heat 
A rock and roll 
That renews my soul. 

We've been around a while 
Me, this turntable and vinyl 
Doing the rounds 
Living in the now. 
Faces have come and gone 
And still the beat goes on and on. 

The music speaks to me 
Difficult and catchy 
Dismissive of authority 
Deep in sentimentality. 
I jump and punch the air 
Released from worldly care. 

They say the things I wish I could 
With words that no-one should 
Those crass hard swears 
Explain the shit we wear: 
Working class reality 
In three minutes-thirty. 
Photo by Suvan Chowdhury on

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