Favourite hobbies: People watching

I love people watching. When I was child I would imagine that everyone I saw was making invisible filament like spiders web as they walked through the world. Each person’s filaments interconnected with everyone else’s – meaning the whole world was connected somehow. Then I would make up stories about who these people were, how they were connected, what they were thinking. An easy way to be accused on staring (although I was never really look at an individual, by then I was deep into my imagination land).

And, hand on heart, I still love to sit quietly and observe!

People watching 
Click clack,
briefcase in black
A quick beat of heels against tiles
was there a mention of forgotten files?
Plenty of time to stop
To people watch
those arriving, those departing
Work days finishing or starting
A building dressed in the grandeur
of a bygone era
Her iron gates
Impede the late
Red bricks
Pigeon shit
Tone deaf buskers ply their trade
Manic man launches another tirade
At an invisible foe
Looks like he has to go
"Soy double shot latte"
"I can't pick up the kids today".

Photo by Shawn on Pexels.com

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