It happens to everyone…

It is important to know that it does happen to everyone, that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach that things may never go back to the way they were. That the pleasant afternoons of lazing in the sun, words spilling greedily onto the page, are over.

Yes, writer’s block happens to us all – sometimes it’s just a momentary inconvenience that quickly passes. At other time the days can turn into weeks, or even months!

This poem was written at a time when I wondered if my words would ever come back to me – yes, I see the irony! I hope you enjoy it!

Sharp words
Today my words are like sharp coral 
They refuse to show themselves, 
Choosing to hide in dark shadows 
Away from my prying thoughts. 
Shyly they creep about, 
firing off random inspiration 
Leading only to frustration. 

These cloak and dagger acts of stealth are 
Destroying the rhythm 
Unpicking my rhyme 
Why am I wasting my time? 

Stuck on this writers block reef 
Words like sharp coral 
Digging in, impeding progress: 
Threatening stability, 
Oh the futility! 
I will put down my pen 
Wait for a higher tide to come in. 
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