Christmas Number 5

A little local flavour today.

This one is from the archives, having been written about four years ago. It was inspired by a trip to a very popular pre-Christmas artisan fair: traffic was backed up for blocks; the sun was shining fiercely; and everyone was running our of festive cheer due to the crowds and heat.

The week before Christmas
Sweat beads are running down my back
Air conditioning is struggling to push out cool air
But babe, we're on track to get to Thorndon Fair.

A week ago we ate hot soup and yearned for blankets
Now we re overly bathes in sunshine, heaven sent.
The pohutukawa has popped its green and red
Speaking to summer, sunburn and holidays remembered.

For now a fresh breeze is coming off the harbour
But nerves will fray as temperatures grow higher
Last minute festive shopping
Learner drivers bunny hopping
"I was here first"
Strangers hard cursed.

Yes, it is the week before Christmas
The town is dressed up for festivus
Our oscillating year about to swing around
Today we are on the cusp, still fair bound.
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on

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