Shakespeare and Christmas

The title is pure click bait, I am not delivering a treatise on the Christmassy content of the Elizabethan Bard. Today’s post has none of the nuanced triple meanings of ye olde English. But there is a message of sorts and musing of thoughts.

What if Shakespeare was right?
Great philosophers ruminated for millennia
And yet RuPaul Charles posed the best: 
“We are all born naked, the rest is drag”.

It interests me greatly –
The notion that life is just one short-lived run on Broadway.
That our carefully curated presentations
Are just the billionth time
These rags have been reimagined.
And what of the entrances and exits we make?
The lines we delivery to an unseen, non-interventionist audience
Are they here for the drama or comedy, action or mockumentary 
Each of us has that one glorious moment in an unforgiving spotlight
Our faces made up, ready to perform our set.
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