The first two years

We have now been living with covid19 for two years. Some 5.44million people are no longer with us because of it – they were all someone’s daughter, son, sibling, parent, co-worker, neighbour, friend. New Zealand is an island nation with a relatively low population and we have lost 51 lives so far.

There are millions more who have survived but not yet recovered thanks to “long covid”. Who knows what impact long covid will have on their morbidity and longevity in the long term.

I found a half written covid themed poem on a scrap of paper that I decided to finish today. We can only get through this by maintaining good hygiene, staying up to date with boosters and masking up…and keeping up to date with the science. Kia kaha (be strong) and kia atawhai (be kind).

The story arc
The city's stark quietness
reflected our inner conversations
during that first year of cancellations.
And then came the year of mutation:
increasing fear of job losses;
fear of repossessions;

Quietness gave way to discontent.
Hidden behind the internet
someone was pulling strings
to get people herded into protesting.
Maskless, antivax and hope deleting.
Ignoring the science being articulated
for fear of being manipulated.
Spread now facilitated.

The epilogue
Nature is beautiful, complex and cruel.
The truth is clear and sometimes brutal,
and it will impact on all of us:
There are bacteria and viruses
that have lain frozen for millennia
They don't care about our mania.
We had this coming to us
in response to our hubris,
disrespect and ignorance.
Now we harvest
what we have sown.

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